The 236 Best Sport and Beach Sunscreens, easily organized

The Environmental Working Group does some awesome research. Recently Kinstantly wrote up some great research EWG did on sunscreens in its toddler newsletter–which may surprise you! Lots of trusted brands (Neutrogena, Banana Boat) do terribly in their tests.

There is plenty to read over on the EWG’s sunscreen site. However I couldn’t figure out how to navigate the massive number of good sunscreens, or organize them rationally: like by cost, SPF, etc.

So, I put them all in a spreadsheet that you’re welcome to use to make your own decisions. I only did the sports ones, because, let’s face it, are your kids going to stay dry this summer?

Take a look at the spreadsheet of the top 236 sunscreens over here (it’s a Google Sheet). Note that cost is rated 1-3; if it’s a 0 that means there’s no data.

Happy parenting!