New feature: Stop Crying Button

After 23 months of collaboration between Smallnest and pediatric research departments at UCSF, Stanford Medical Center, and Dartmouth Medical School, we’re excited to announce the new Stop Crying button!


Ambient sound wave form patterns present in the environment when babies go to sleep, ate, wake up, and play have calming properties. Over the last two years we’ve been able to isolate certain specific patterns that instantly calm babies. It took another six months of testing before it was ready for release.

Download the update and just tap the “Stop Crying” button, and your iPhone will emit an inaudible sound wave pattern than clinical trials have shown calms babies enough for them to immediately stop crying. It’s inaudible to adults and most dogs. Labradors and certain other larger dogs do seem to hear it; it has the opposite affect on them – but even their barking hasn’t (in our trials) negatively impacted the effects on the baby. (Do NOT use it on a baby who is not crying.)

As a result, we’ve had to remove the custom activity (“…”) button; it was a small price to pay for calm and quiet when and wherever you need it.

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